Perry Marshall – AI Hyperdrive (Premium)


Perry Marshall – AI Hyperdrive

Perry Marshall – AI Hyperdrive    Free Download Latest . It is of  Perry Marshall – AI Hyperdrive   free download.

Perry Marshall – AI Hyperdrive  Overview

Session #1: Chief Robot Officer or Superconductor

How to simplify everything you do, completely eliminate $10 per hour tasks, streamline your day, and 10x your output with just a handful of daily actions
The 2 key strategies to productivity in the Age of A.I. — what tasks are appropriate for each … and how to decide which is best for you
The new mental models required for using A.I. and Machine Learning tools the right way … so you don’t degrade your own thinking, value, or work in your rush toward productivity.
How to stay focused and think clearly in the Age of A.I. where shiny objects, programs, hacks, tools, and millions of voices are screaming for your attention.
Why you need to slow down to speed up! “Productivity” and “speed” are DOA in the Age of A.I. … Sam will show you why
Prompts, Bots, and Apps: When to use what
Why you should NOT use only an A.I. solution for most of your work
How to identify the optimal blend of A.I. and human touch for superior outcomes
How to use ChatGPT and other LLMs as your sidekick, constantly analyzing, suggesting, and refining your strategies


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