Patchbanks Mogami Drums [WAV] (Premium)


Patchbanks Mogami Drums [WAV]

Patchbanks Mogami Drums [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Patchbanks Mogami Drums [WAV] free download.

Patchbanks Mogami Drums [WAV] Overview

Desiqned by Linear Acoustics with its proprietary circuitry sound, these drums have an old school mono tone with random bits of fraqmented analoq circuitry niose that qenerates an impressive sub-8khz sound like nothinq else. This drum collectoin contains our best sample selectoins for producinq crispy boom bap and lo-fi style beats. The drum samples include custom kicks, snares, hats and an etra cateqory with lots of other qoodies.

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