Max Twain – Fatalism Cyberpunk (Premium)


Max Twain – Fatalism Cyberpunk

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File Name Max Twain – Fatalism Cyberpunk
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We will create a digital illustration from a photograph
based on a photograph, make a preliminary sketch,
draw a glass mask and accessories. Let’s complement the hairstyle
with curls and the composition with light elements and handwritten smoke.
The icing on the cake will be the finishing of the contour light and reflexes.

Creating a bright futuristic image based on a 3D model.
With the help of author’s methods, we fill the work with an
exclusive style and character.
Completely hand-drawn clothes, hair.
Glass inlays and light modules.
Jewelry elaboration of the details of the entire character.

The third image is based on the idea of ​​a
dark and ice-covered moon of the planet Uranus.
Each element in this work is absolutely unique.
A cold glass mask filled with stardust
A bright, daring hairstyle emphasizes a wild character
Horns engraved with shamanic runes as a reference to the mystical component of her image
Punk denim with patches symbolizes the human rebellious spirit
Wires as an exception to belonging to the human species
all elements in this picture drawn by hand.

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