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Joseph Michael – Easy Course Creation

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File Name Joseph Michael – Easy Course Creation
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update and Published 2023

The Only Training System You’ll Ever Need…To Go From “No Idea” To Earning Up To 5-Figures A Month (And Beyond).

Creating An Online Course Has Literally Changed My Life

$40,000 a month in passive income (when I started I just wanted an extra $300 a month).
Grew my email list by 50,000
Allowed me to quit my day job
Allowed my wife to quit her job and homeschool our children
Allowed me to spend precious time with my family (instead of commuting and sitting in traffic)
Allowed us to travel, see the world, and make lifetime memories (since an internet connection is all you need to run an online business!)
Allowed me to do work I love instead of loathe (while also helping other people and experiencing true fulfillment with my work)
Allowed me to connect with high-level influencers (*hint: an online course is the best business card and key to getting your foot in the door!)
Gave me options to pick and choose what I wanted to work on.

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