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Heath Wilcock – Madvertorials

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Here’s Everything You Get When You Say “Yes” And Grab Heathykins Madvertorial Training!

Over 7+ hours of pure, uncut, unfiltered, unadulterated Heathykins givin’ it to you straight on how he BANGS out winning advertorials. NO HOLDING BACK! You get it all, babycakes!
Step-by-step on how to write, structure, wire-frame, and deliver advertorials to clients who will turn around and want MORE from you!
FREE BONUS! How to get and keep clients that want advertorials! This is me showing you how I “pitch” advertorials to clients… and how you can do the same for more work and more revenue!
FREE DOUBLE BONUS! “Write with me!” Where I show you how I write, in real-time, an advertorial from start to finish in just 2 1/2 hours… and that’s me taking my sweet time.

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