FUME FX 6.0.2 FOR 3DS MAX 2019 – 2024 WIN X64 (Premium)


FUME FX 6.0.2 FOR 3DS MAX 2019 – 2024

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File Name FUME FX 6.0.2 FOR 3DS MAX 2019 – 2024
Source http://www.afterworks.com/FumeFX.asp
File size 168.9 MB
Publisher FUME FX
update and Published 2023

FumeFX 6 is multiphysics plug-in for 3ds max that integrates fluid dynamics with node-based system that includes particles, rope, rigid body dynamics, cloth, soft body dynamics, inflatable softbody, voxel grid manipulation, node based access to FumeFX simulation and sources, character animation control and other.
With over 140 ready to use nodes artists can create a completely new range of visual effects directly inside the FumeFX package more efficiently and cost-effective than ever before. Controlling FumeFX simulation or modifying existing caches by using a modern node based workflow opens up endless possibilities.
Artist will benefit from direct support of Arnold points, splines, instances, volumes, custom channels and procedurals.

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