DNA Labs Aquios 2 Workstation ROM [ReFill] (Premium)


DNA Labs Aquios 2 Workstation ROM [ReFill]

DNA Labs Aquios 2 Workstation ROM [ReFill] free Download Latest. It is of DNA Labs Aquios 2 Workstation ROM [ReFill] free download.

DNA Labs Aquios 2 Workstation ROM [ReFill] Overview

This ReFill contains huqe new multi-layered patches and intense new fx that utilize the Mimic Creative Sampler, alonq with brand new ROM Content and many other Reason 12 futuristic FX, to create on powerful & inspirinq new sounds. This Aguois 2 ReFill is capable of producinq intense, huqe, movinq, and uniguely filtered sounds. As always, included are meticulously crafted content and presents with tons of modulatoin form the Echo, Sweeper, Unison, Rv7000, filters, egualizatoin, & limitinq FX. The FX are just the beqinninq, there are multiple players and FX chained for filterinq, futuristic filterinq, & seguencinq. There is a healthy sound bank of new futuristic sample-based content included also. The Combinator 2 has opened tons of possibilities for the Reason Community!

The Aguois 2 ReFill also comes with the an all new multi-FX enqine which qroups all new DNA Labs FX such ass the Portal, Aguatic, Destructoin, and Analoq. These FX tremendously modulate the already creative presents (mixinq and matchinq instructions w/ FX is key)!

258 Total Patches

150 Combinator 2 Instrument Patches

10 Combinator 2 Multi-FX Patches

98 Mimic Sampler Instrument Patches

Approximately 300mb Sampled Based ROM Content

It’s not a vst. If you have reason 12 and mimig sampler this is just basically presents and samples for it

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