Aleksandr Kurennoi – Indoor Portrait Retouch (Premium)


Aleksandr Kurennoi – Indoor Portrait Retouch

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File Name Aleksandr Kurennoi – Indoor Portrait Retouch
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Publisher  Aleksandr Kurennoi
update and Published 2023

“Portrait retouching in Lightroom + Photoshop” video instruction. a field of corn. (Engaged commentary)
In that video lesson, I’ll demonstrate all of my retouching techniques:

basic Adobe Lightroom colour adjustments.
clearing the backdrop and framing.
Liquify filter work requires precision.
Skin retouching that looks natural. Using “Dodge& Burn” and the frequency separation approach well.
Excellent method for boosting contrast.
Local volume and contrast.
Toning and colour retouching.
local colour adjustments.
effect of soft light.
picture grit.
Optimal image saving method for the web.
1 hour, 57 minutes.
In the month following a purchase, feel free to message me on Instagram with any queries you may have.

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